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Discussion in 'George Wimpey' started by Whatever, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Whatever

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    Hi all

    New to the forum, reading lots of scary stuff about buying new houses, and it doesnt seem limited to TW. What ive been considering is that, as the homes are built by contractors rather than TW themselves so to speak, the reviews are probably very region dependant?

    I live in Norwich and have struggled with the search (generic Google and also forum search on here) for people who have had issues with TW in the East Anglia region. Ive searched for East Anglia, Norwich and Norfolk and turned up a blank.

    Im just wondering if anyone on here as particular experience with TW in my region. Or maybe can suggest why my thinking is completely wrong lol.

  2. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    NO you are wrong!
    Housebuilders build poor quality new homes on a nationally.
    Taylor Wimpey are Britain's third worse housebuilder in my opinion.
    Read the advice on my website!
    Guide To Buying a Home - Do's And Don'ts
  3. Whatever

    Whatever New Member

    Well that seems like a well rounded reply.... So the builders of Taylor Wimpey homes are made by the same contractors nationwide?

    Nobody on this forum at least seem to have issues with TW in the east anglia region
  4. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    That doesn't mean there aren't any!
  5. homebuyer

    homebuyer New Member

    The original builders of my TW house in the south midlands were very shoddy, proper cowboy builders. Finishing touches were awful, had to get the ceiling reinforced 4 times, stairs reinforced twice, bathroom redone, flooring redone, floorboards screwed down as they were loose etc.

    I'd avoid them at all cost because of my personal experience but if I was you, I'd go around the TW new builds in your area and just knock on someone's door and ask them or see if there's a local Facebook group/page for the area and ask on there.

    The house build quality may vary across the country but the shocking central customer service is the same. Good luck :p

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