Tolerance of Straightness of Walls and Skirting

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  1. Cbear

    Cbear New Member

    The attached picture is taken in the cupboard under my staircase with the straight edge being the door frame.

    The wall and skirting is clearly not straight. Is this acceptable?

    Many thanks.

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  2. indyjukebox

    indyjukebox New Member

    This is the inside of your cupboard? Presumably the vertical bar at 12 o clock is the door frame? What do you mean by straight? In relation to what? What is your concern?
  3. Makebetterhomes

    Makebetterhomes Super Moderator

    IF ITS AN NHBC warranted property ...the tolerance is 3 degrees from the 90

    so 87 to 93 is classed as within tolerance

    so get your protractor out and give it a measure
  4. Deadeye

    Deadeye New Member

    That looks like the wall isn't as wide as the door liner. They probably sacrificed the inside of the cupboard to make the outside architrave look OK.
  5. mkfc1981

    mkfc1981 New Member

    I had my David Wilson/Barratt home measured by the NHBC although they do it the old fashioned way with a 2 meter level so it's probably not 100% accurate, turns out pretty much none of my walls/ceilings are level. At least 3mm out but the tolerance there is 5mm overall which is silly as it is so blatantly visible even at 3mm. It's shocking that it's okay to build a house ALMOST level and get away with it.
  6. Theolehouse

    Theolehouse New Member

    I can't post links or it seems document names (thank you thought Police!)- but there is an NHBC document that explains all about the finishes and tolerances.
  7. Theolehouse

    Theolehouse New Member

    Chapter 1.2
  8. Pete Hoskins

    Pete Hoskins New Member

    It's in a cupboard under the stairs! Aren't there more important things in life for you to worry about.
  9. Makebetterhomes

    Makebetterhomes Super Moderator

    also contained in NHBC document "A CONSISTANT APPROACH TO FINISHES"
  10. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

  11. Cbear

    Cbear New Member

    Thank you for all you help and advice and the links.

    Sorry I haven’t replied sooner.

    I also recently discovered this which surly does not meet NHBC standards?

    Whilst I appreciate it’s behind the living room door which is normally open but the skirting does not even form a neat join with the door frame. The door frame is not flush with the wall and has not even has one coat of paint on the side of the frame.

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