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    We bought a new build in silver birches, Alford development, luckily we got one of the show houses probably better quality then any of the other houses built. if i should use the word lucky ha i dont know.

    The customer service team is absolutely appalling, even the guys that come to do the snagging are appalled by the office staff, they dont have a clue, was told a job would take 3 days only took 1 as we thought but had to be at home, not to mention they didn't order radiators that needed replacing in advance and expected us to take more time off for this! nor did they bother to communicate to tell us while i waiting in for them!! they are absolutely hopeless and constantly tell you lies to try and cover up mistakes they make, i wouldn't trust any of them and most people have to pay to fix things themselves as they are too much hassle to even bother waiting to get them to fix things, probably be waiting years to get a resolve.

    The guys that came also mentioned a job they were on which had major works needed done in a different development required about a months work but their office only gave them a week, looks like there customer care wont be getting better anytime soon that's for sure!

    The garden well what is meant to be grass i think is safe to say clay and the grass is dying as it's so flooded, they should have left the turf at the side for us to "prepare" the soil then put it down properly obviously they couldn't be bothered doing a good job!

    another problem because of lack of thinking, is the car park because they dont have obvious parking to each house with numbers or private parking painted on the road, it's like a free for all it's beyond a joke getting now!to be honest i think we will be putting up bollards cus it's just beyond a joke now!

    We also found out after having our own reliable heating engineer out to check over our boiler it wasn't set up and also more worrying, the house wasn't even earthed at all same goes for the whole block of my neighbours! it was actually passed off he was very shocked!

    Yeh houses are great to start with until you hit problems then it's a case of we got your money we dont give a damn - avoid stewart milne like the plague!!!!:mad:

    only reason we bought in the first place because it was a decent market value and we needed a quick sale!
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    Hi, I'm in Silver Birches as well, what was the feedback from Stewart Milne about your garden? We have the same problem and they have said its our fault because we aren't doing enough maintenance on it! We have been in for over 3 years now and it's just getting worse! They have told us to go to nhbc about it now but as they are funded by builders they usually side with them!
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    Hi there,

    we treated our grass several times, didn't help much. We noticed though when my husband dug up the grass to lay some decking that it was all clay underneath so theres no drainage at all and this will be why the grass is dying, was so bad there was even maggots. to be honest you would be best to dig the whole lot up put decent soil down and lay your own. Stewart milne are useless the customer service don't have a clue and I found once they have your money the couldn't give two hoots just fob you off! That's why they are telling you it's your own fault because rather than admit it's theirs and fix it for you they would rather blame everyone else.
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    They never take responsibility for anything. Like you said once they have your money they just fob you off!
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    Just like any other large housebuilder.
    It is always about the money.

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