Roof problems only discovered very recently

Discussion in 'Bryant Homes' started by don531, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. don531

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    Hello all

    I purchased my property new in August 2006. It's a 3 storey semi-detached town house. It was rented for the first few years, then I moved in Apr 2011.

    I recently had a builder fit extra insulation to the small loft, and he pointed out some very disturbing news.

    The pitch roof has little or no 'Kingspan' type insulation over the entire roof.

    Also, the waterproof membrane has been fitted 'upside down' so if the roof tiles ever loose water proof seal, water will run into the house not over the top.

    I've contacted NHBC who tried to fob me off, but I have managed to get them to agree to a site visit.

    I would really appreciate any advice on what I should do or say to try to get these problems rectified.


  2. NewHomeExpert

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    I doubt after such a long time the NHBC would do anything.
    Your remaining warranty is for structural issues and drainage.
    Whilst missing insulation and underfelt incorrectly installed are breaches of NHBC stanbdards, this should have been reported during the first two years.
    You should have had a full structural survey before you bought the house and the first owners should have had the house professionally inspected and snagged.

    The public can no longer rely on house bulders and their staff along with various bodies, to inspect the homes and build them properly to comply with regulations.
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  3. don531

    don531 New Member

    The NHBC are doing something, I managed (with quite a bit of persuasion) to get them to come and inspect. I'm hoping the guy will make some type of report for me to go at the house builder.

    My understanding is the NHBC covers damage from defects also.

    How could it have been reported when it wasn't known?

    Try reading posts before commenting, I AM the first and only buyer.

    I fail to see why you should be expected to pay through the nose for a full structural survey on a NEW house with 10 year warranty.

    The fact remains if important things like this were done wrong or not at all, there should be no time limit, they should be corrected by the house builder, or if not by NHBC.

    I will certainly make all effort for this to happen.

    Your last comment in bold is just unbelievable.

    All in all your thoughts are completely unhelpful, and/or useless.
  4. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Sorry I misunderstood and didnt realise you bought a brand new house then rented it out then moved into it yourself after a four years.
    I am sure this sort thing is really common!
    True, you don't need a structural survey if you are buying a house less than two years old.

    Under the warranty, the house builder is not required to do anything at all, for whatever reason, after the first two years have expired.
    In addition, the NHBC only cover structural issues for years 3 to 10.
    As I said, they will look at it but in my opinion they wont be paying for any remedial work.
    It is true that damage resulting from defects is also covered, it is damage to the building not contents and again is only as a result of the structural warranty in years 3 to 10.

    The defect you have is a breach of standards and building regulations.
    The NHBC will give you a report, which being independant, you could use to take the house builder to court on the basis that the home was not built to the regulations and standards it was sold to you. Good luck with that!

    Most home owners would have realised their energy bills were high for a new home and investigated why quite early on.

    Regarding your final comments, I would point out that my reply was the only one you have received, and are likely to get.
    I was being helpful, although since I did not give you any false hope or unrealsitic expectations, you have chosen to be both ungrateful for my time and plain rude.

    I will not be replying to any further comments you make on this or any other forum and I am beginning to question why I am even bothering to help other people, if this is their appreciation!
  5. don531

    don531 New Member

    nhbc and Taylor wimpey rep came today to inspect my property.

    seemed to go very well, they have agreed to come back next Tuesday and remove some roof tiles to confirm the lack of insulation and the water membrane being wrong way round.

    it appeared that if wrong it will be rectified, time will tell.

    also, my builder pointed out that the 3rd row of bricks at the back of the house run directly above the bricks below it, rather than staggered.

    they talked about rectifying that too.

    all in all, very glad I ignored your useless comments.

    hope anyone else who finds similar problems takes heart from my experiences.

    I will update after next week of what is proposed by them.
  6. don531

    don531 New Member

    As mentioned in previous post nhbc and taylor wimpey rep came today with a roofer for further inspection. All in all, very glad I ignored your useless comments. I hope other's with similar problems will take heart from my experience. Hopefully the problems will be sorted soon. I will post when completed
  7. don531

    don531 New Member

    Taylor Wimpey have been in touch and told me that someone will be here this week to rectify the insulation problem.

    Still waiting to hear what they will decide to do regarding the brickwork.

    So much for your 'expert' advice....

    I will update after workmen have been.
  8. don531

    don531 New Member

    Well, it took a very long time but finally got there (nearly!)

    Work booked for 3 March for 2 weeks, as follows for the whole top of my home:

    We will remove the plasterboard from the underside of the roof rafters (skielings) and expose the cellotex.

    · The rafters have been confirmed at 150mm deep.

    · All insulation will be removed to allow inspection of the wall plate area.

    · The rafters will have a 25mm batten installed to the rear to stop the Celotex moving once installed and to ensure the air flow within the roof.

    · We will then install 120mm Celotex xr4000 between the rafters and cut tight to avoid any gaps.

    · Any cuts or timber will then be covered with silver thermal tape leaving a full foil surface.

    · We will then use stainless fixings to install a layer of 25mm tb4000 to the rafter face.

    · This will also be covered with silver thermal tape leaving a full foil surface.

    · We then will install 2 layers of 12.5mm plasterboard with staggered joints and taped and jointed.

    · All areas will then be decorated to match existing.


    · The 120mm Celotex installed between the rafters will be extended above the ceiling line and cut tight to the glulam beam in the roof space.

    · The loft insulation will be removed from any areas that block the air flow behind the Celotex and installed correctly.

    · Once all works have been completed a further thermal camera inspection will be carried out.

    So much for NewHomeExpert's useless and unhelpful posts.
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  9. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    1) Whilst you appear to have an issue with me I again point out that no one else has bothered to reply.
    2) You first posted in September and now, late February, work has yet to even start, although you say you now have a date for 3 March 2014.
    3) I acknowledge that I was wrong and that the NHBC (or Taylor Wimpey - unlikely!) would now appear to be doing something about this under the warranty.
    Perhaps you might like to read The NHBC butchered my roof! The last I heard (after I intervened on his behalf with the NHBC!) was that NHBC were buying his home and the house was being demolished!

    I note you now have a new "best friend" on here, who you can rubbish me too all day long! All you do is make yourselves look silly and childish! I will leave it to others reading your insults to form their own opinions!

    If I were you, and I am so pleased I am not, bearing in mind that the "whole top of your home" is due to have work done on it, I would be more concerned about the impact of this on my life than trading cheap, unjustified insults on this forum.
    You fully deserve what you now get!
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  10. don531

    don531 New Member

    deleted and reposted to include post I am responding to.
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  11. don531

    don531 New Member

    1. I don't 'appear' to have an issue with you. I'm just stating i found your self proclaimed 'Expert help' to be anything but. TBH your whole attitude comes across really badly, no wonder I'm not the only one to think so.

    2. Yes, it has taken a long time to resolve. But resolved it will be, no thanks to your advice at all!

    3. You are wrong again! NHBC were like you (completely useless). The NHBC warranty was worth nothing. It's actually a company called Simcott (on behalf of Taylor Wimpey) doing the work. They are not doing 'something' as you put it, they are completely rectifying the problem, actually improving it as the insulation will be done to the very latest specs!

    I have no new best friend, it is apparent others hold the same view of you as me. What happened to you never replying to my comments again?

    Taylor Wimpey are paying for full board hotel (a very nice one in my town) for 2 weeks for those in my home affected by the works, I couldn't be happier with the result I achieved (again, by not listening to you).

    Yes, i fully deserved what I got, and I got it by not listening to your useless, unhelpful advice.
  12. don531

    don531 New Member

    IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0755.jpg IMG_0760.jpg IMG_0762.jpg Work started today :cool:
  13. don531

    don531 New Member

    Taylor Wimpey have now agreed to sort out all squeeking floors in my top 2 bedrooms, and the stairs up both flights (town house)

    Also agreed to arrange and do a sound test between me and my neighbour (semi detached)

    Also agreed to pay me compensation once all works are completed to my satisfaction.

    Basically the top of my home had no insualtion in the roof. My 2 dormer windows were hollow (no insulation) now being drilled and foam filled. The cavity wall from the roof down to the soffit had no insulation, now been rectified. Also, the roof has no vents above and below, they will be retro fitted.

    So much for self proclaimed NewHomeExpert and his wrong unhelpful and useless advice!

    IMG_0804.jpg IMG_0805.jpg IMG_0807.jpg IMG_0823.jpg IMG_0832.jpg
  14. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Another "quality Taylor Wimpey new home"?
    I am so pleased you are happy with Taylor Wimpey and everything they are doing and they are paying you compensation.

    For everyone else.............this should act as a warning!
    Taylor Wimpey are hardly known for helping buyers who have issues with their new homes, especially after 2 years and more especially when the NHBC don't want to know!
    You also have to wonder, given the unrelenting and uncalled for abuse that "Dom531" directs in my direction at the end of his every post, whether someone at Taylor Wimpey is actually writing these posts, perhaps using photos from a house they DID have to remediate.
    Either way I couldn't care less!
    Let's face it Dom, no one is really interested in these works or your photos.
  15. don531

    don531 New Member

    Can't you get anything right?

    It was a Bryant home, AS PER THE THREAD!

    Taylor Wimpey are finally rectifying. It's actualy a company called Simcott doing the work.

    You make me laugh stating I am constantly giving you abuse

    The thread is quite clear and easy for anyone to read your so called Expert advice, and what I've actually achieved by ignoring it!

    Your pathetic attempts inferring I am not a genuine home owner, but someone from Taylor Wimpey is really laughable.

    You can't even get my forum name right!!!

    I hope anyone with similar problems can see to ignore you, and hopefully take heart from my experience that with perserverence you can achieve results.

    The only warning I would give is to ignore you!

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  16. don531

    don531 New Member

    Scaffolding went in, in the stair area today.

    I have the beginnings of Insulation!

    IMG_0838.jpg IMG_0839.jpg IMG_0840.jpg IMG_0842.jpg IMG_0846.jpg
  17. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Quotes from a couple of recent posts:
    Bryant, were taken over by Taylor Woodrow in 2001.
    Taylor Woodrow did a "merger of equals" with George Wimpey on 3rd July 2007 to become Taylor Wimpey.
    Taylor Wimpey therefore have responsibility for any Bryant liabilities.

    As for your name, I have a few I could use!
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  18. don531

    don531 New Member

    Yes, I am well aware the history of Bryant homes, and Taylor Wimpey. I see the penny has finally dropped for you unlike in previous posts. Well Done! Why do you think I posted in this thread Bryant Homes, and I got Taylor Wimpey to rectify the faults??? (Thankfully ignoring your useless unhelpful self proclaimed Expert advice!)

    I've only posted here a dozen or so times, and already found other people with the same view of you as I have.

    You said you wouldn't respond to me, but keep doing so. Baffling....

    Desperately trying to make yourself look 'Expert' you are doing anything but....

    If anything you are the one keeps being abusive.

    You gave me bad, unhelpful and WRONG advice.

    I ignored you, perservered, and now am getting the results I was looking for.

    The fact I am pointing that out for other people to read about you, well you reap what you sow!

    Please continue with your pathetic posts, I will continue to respond....And post (with pictures) what I have achieved by ignoring your bad, wrong and unhelpful advice!
  19. don531

    don531 New Member

    IMG_0927.jpg IMG_0937.jpg IMG_0938.jpg IMG_0939.jpg

    Actis Triso Super 10+ going in, at £200 a roll!
  20. adam_786

    adam_786 New Member

    sounds really bad sorry cannot help

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