No new posts for a while - have things got better?

Discussion in 'Barratt Homes' started by FirstTimeBuyer2016, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. FirstTimeBuyer2016

    FirstTimeBuyer2016 New Member


    I see a lot of useful posts here but nothing recent (2016).
    Have things gotten better?
    Or is it just that anyone who recently bought hasn't had time to uncover any issues yet?

    Additionally, did anyone have any problems getting Barratt to agree to a snagging inspection prior to their move in?

    I'm in my discovery phase looking at new builds, and Barratt seem to offer great space and layout options, but I'm aware they have the most complaints against them in this forum, it seems!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Tony

    Tony Administrator

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know whether they have the most complaints, but the contractors that build these homes work for many different companies. The house-builders are just a brand.
  3. FirstTimeBuyer2016

    FirstTimeBuyer2016 New Member

    Thanks for clarifying. I guess it must be like buying anything new. Sometimes there are batches of crap, sometimes others have no problems at all..
  4. mkfc1981

    mkfc1981 New Member

    Most definitely not, I recently posted about my Barratt nightmare but the post has not even appeared on the forum yet.
  5. Makebetterhomes

    Makebetterhomes Super Moderator

    Strange we will look into why your post has not shown up !!
  6. mkfc1981

    mkfc1981 New Member

    thank you very much.
  7. mkfc1981

    mkfc1981 New Member

    The posts are still not on the forum
  8. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Plenty about Barratt on Twitter, not very good!
  9. Makebetterhomes

    Makebetterhomes Super Moderator

    we still got gliches in the system ...this time its preventing new users signing in

    so sorry newbies , no posts for a few days until its fixed

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