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Discussion in 'New Build Buying Advice' started by brooky, Mar 8, 2018.

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    We have our meet the builder on Monday (12th March). We want to ask about completion date and about fitting a water softener.

    Are there any questions you guys can recommend?
  2. Makebetterhomes

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    theres so many

    best thing to do is download a free snagging checklist ..theres one on www.brand-newhomes.co.uk web site

    it will serve as a starting point

    youre perfectly right though as a new home buyer not only do you not know what to look for , but also what questions to ask based on what you see

    dont forget to check your boundaries and make sure you know who owns what, as your solicitor will be asking you to sign a TP1 drawing to confirm who owns what

    if you can afford it , get some one in who knows what they doing to check for you , especially if buying from BOVIS
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