Major isssues with Barratt 3 bed semi detached

Discussion in 'Snagging - requests for help' started by mkfc1981, Apr 27, 2018.

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    We have moved in November 2016 and we still have a lot of unresolved issues. Some of which we had to escalate to the NHBC which to my shock made matters worse. They have tolerances but I have found them ruling in the builders favour even when walls/ceilings were out of tolerance, saying that 1-2mm wont make a difference and he'll have to allow it. As it turns out the Customer Service manager is EX NHBC, so things are "questionable" at best. Any advise as to deal with the matter of impartiality?

    We have very bad floors on the upper levels, it appears the floor may have dropped a few inches. The floor or shall i say the ceiling below would generate a very loud cracking also squeaking from the walls can be heard. Along the landing it's bad as well a loud creaking can be heard almost on the entiety of the floor.

    In the master bedroom we have lose floor boards that they refuse to fix. How can I get them to fix my floors, they wont even assess whats wrong with them. Get my own engineer in to carry out an inspection under the floor boards?


    Metal creaking can be hear when walking the stairs, also when stepping on one the steps above the storage cupboard under the stairs it will cause a loud "click" this sound can be reproduced by pressing on the door frame.


    Paid for our own heat survey, found patchy spots so have reported this to the builder.


    We have stepped cracked mortar between roughly 3x3 bricks high, should I be concerned it's about half a meter under a top floor window.

    Our DPC is not at least 15cm above ground. Some mortar is coming away on some of the bricks along the bottom of the house.


    Insufficient draining at the rear of the garden (away from the house), turf always soaked and less than 50mm topsoil has been found during the snagging survey. I have a 2x2 meter mud patch with no grass at all in one corner of the garden

    Walls, Floors and Ceilings

    Almost all of my walls and ceilings are uneven/not level some worse than others. The worst ones are the revels around my skylight windows (2 sets of two above each other) left and right side or top and bottom windows are not lined up properly approx 1-2cm offset. NHBC says there are no guidelines to them being aligned.

    The list of snags is 195 items long, NHBC only allowed about a handful, so what are my options. And does anyone have similar experience? How does one get their hands on the building planns and specifications of the floors?

    Any comments would help.

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