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  1. atwitsend

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    I have lived in my new build house a year now , and have spent a huge amount of money landscaping the garden .
    I noticed it was quite wet during the winter , but recently since the addition of more houses at the rear of mine the problem seems worse.
    I have had to remove very expensive plants that were just going yellow and sitting in stagnant water. Since doing this the plant holes have now become ponds !!

    Today I have dug a channel at the end of my patio as I had a river flowing over it .

    Having been on this site (HAYWOODS HOMES) AND LIVING IN THE FIRST PHASE, I have seen the problems with drainage in the new houses that have since been built .
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  2. malcolm22

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    NHBC covers you for waterlogging within 3 metres of the back of the property, provided yourb "extensive landscaping" is not the cause of the problem. get in touch with the builder first and point out the problem.
  3. atwitsend

    atwitsend New Member

    Thanks I did this , and they agreed to put some pipes into my garden or french drains to cure this problem ,but unfortunately the builder ? drain man did not answer his phone on the day he was meant to do it and so therefore I dug the drain myself where it was at its worst , and it has not made any difference , re my landscaping , no I dont think so , it was more likely to be that the lady who bought the house behind me had her garden fully paved and her garden being several inches higher than mine ,therefore compacting the soil , or just the fact we are on very boggy land .
    Surface water tanks have been installed further into the build and apparently when connected should ease this problem ?? How long does it take to get drains connected by Welsh water ??
  4. jpbletchley

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    Our cowboy builder Avant Homes did two investigations on the back garden and now asking for the third one, as if I am asking them to build a helipad?

    I have now complained to NHBC about this.
  5. atwitsend

    atwitsend New Member

    The sad thing is that on our site we have had numerous problems , some far worse than my wet garden , although everyone else has this too ,I dont think one person is truly happy , but are all afraid to say anything legally as they say they will never be able to sell , I just look at it as Ive made a big mistake ,and Im paying for it
  6. NewHomeExpert

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    Ah the old, "don't make a fuss otherwise the estate will be blighted and you wont be able to sell" brush off!
    More like they wont be able to sell and they will get a bad name!
    Stick to your guns, kick up a fuss, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"
    If you give in and settle for the wetland garden and sort it yourself they Haywoods Homes have won!
    And other buyers might suffer too!
  7. atwitsend

    atwitsend New Member

    Well I had to laugh , this squeaky wheel has def got the oil !!!

    Ive now got water contaminated with oil ! along with the rest of the estate I expect
  8. Makebetterhomes

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    this was a clients rear garden this week , builder wanted to turf next week

    needs serious land drainage

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