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    I have searched the forum but cannot find any other threads regarding my issue. I can also see that the only active member appears to be "newhomeexpert" - so am hoping they may be able to offer an opinion, if still active :)

    Our 3 bed townhouse was built by Bloor and is 18 months old. We noticed very early on that the paint on the walls was extremely easy to scuff and mark. If you attempt to remove a mark made, for example by dropping a mop and the handle hitting the wall with a damp sponge - the paint is removed and shows black underneath - I am assuming this is the plaster itself showing through.

    I included this issue on our first snagging list - which Bloor require to be given after a period of at least 10 months. Everything else on this list has been rectified, but I have been chasing them for an answer to the paint since January. The last response from them was in February in which they advised they were waiting on a report following a visit from one of their "technicians" (He said it was normal). Despite monthly emails and letters to their customer service and head office - I have not had a response for six months.

    Considering I spent almost a quarter of a million pounds with them, I feel this level of customer service is totally unacceptable. But after reading this forum - am not at all surprised.

    I requested information on the paint used and coats applied but as above, they have not responded. I understand from neighbours that they have used "ICI Glidden matt emulsion".

    I contacted the NHBC regarding the issue and was advised that it is typical of water based emulsion paint - which the builder is perfectly entitled to use. My question is, after watching the video below - would you be happy with this quality of paint? Am I asking too much of them? My opinion is that I paid a premium for a new home, for the benefit of not having to paint the entire house when I moved in. This is a benefit I have not received and it has required repainting for some time.

    We are a married couple with no children or pets and try to take care of the biggest investment of our lives - yet the walls are covered in marks and scratches.

    Video can be seen at youtube dot com then /watch?v=WjGIrSngRZU (I cannot post links as a new member).

    So to summarise, I feel the paint is inadequate and have requested they rectify the issue. I have not had a response from the builder and the NHBC say there is no problem. Am I wrong, or they?!

    Thanks for reading. And Bloor, if you do monitor this forum. Please get in touch - to not respond to a customer is just rude.
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    Yes I am the only person who regularly comes this forum six days a week answering new home buyer's queries, many of which they could find out for themselves if they searched (search bar) my website first!

    The paint most if not all house builders use is called "Trade" Emulsion.
    This is a type of emulsion that allows the paint the breath and the "plaster" to dry out.
    This is water soluble and will dissolve when washed.
    The plaster should not be "black" though perhaps a wet grey looks black to you.

    If YOU re decorate with a non-Trade Vinyl Matt emulsion, you will be able to clean it and it will not be removed by washing.
    Dulux do a hard wearing version "Endurance" ( a bit more expensive)

    Bloor customer service as you have discovered is very poor.
    They give the impression they dont care at all after you have moved in and the longer you have lived in your home the more indifferent they are to putting defects right.
    It is a bit amazing that no one at Bloor even knows the cause of your problem and the solution, especially as they are not liable and this is not a defect they would need to put right under the warranty!
    Prospective purchasers should ask themselves what else Bloor Homes do not know about the technical side of the new homes they are building!

    ICI used to make Dulux which is now owned by Akzo Nobel so your neighbour is talking rubbish unless the paint used by Bloor's contractor is really really old!
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    Thanks for the response.

    It sounds as though you agree that I don't have grounds for complaint - so long as the walls are painted with something!

    Is water soluble paint common? I don't have a lot of experience with different paints and I realise Bloor will have used the cheapest they can find but still, paint that comes off with water seems unfit for anything!

    Any response from them will suffice, even if its to tell me I am responsible for any repainting - at least I can then get on with it!
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    "Walls are painted with something"

    They could use vinyl matt paint and the paint would in all likelihood flake off as the plaster dries out.
    Or, as they did, they can use a Trade emulsion, that allows the wall to breath and gives a better coverage too.
    Cost is not an issue as it is the contractor that buys the paint. He may even work for other large builders.
    Go to B&Q and check, "Trade" Emulsion is more expensive.

    I have the very same issue with my house 14 years ago.
    I redecorated every room as and when it became necessary.
    Most people don't like Magnolia/Gardinia colour anyway and re decorate to their own tastes.
    And finally, most people are careful and try to look after their brand new home.
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    Is this really a big deal and ground for complaint? Just get a small pot of the same colour paint and go over it. 30 second job.

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