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Discussion in 'Gladedale Homes' started by Billy Clark, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Billy Clark

    Billy Clark New Member

    Hello All, we have been our new Gladedale house noew for 3.5 years and bits are started falling off i.e. roof tiles leaks in all bathrooms , heating/ boiler too small for size of house sq/f.i HAVE TRIED TO CONTACT MD of Gladedale and Bett homes but so far no responce. NHBC do not seem to be interested, we now have a smell in our L/Room and do not know wherenit is coming from(not us),can anyone help?:mad::mad:
  2. cheeil

    cheeil New Member

    waste of time

    they take your money and dont care afterwards . keep calling and pestering them and nhbc . personally if i was you i would sell up. no offence but new builds are like dolls houses not built to last . better off in a older house . better build quality larger rooms etc. not victorian though most cost a fortune to maintain. which development are you on
  3. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    My advice would be to keep on writing to complain and keep a record of your letters.
    My website has template letters that may help you.

    3.5 years is now outside the Gladadale responsibility NHBC warranty and unless you have previously complained inside the two years they are not required to do anything under the warranty. The remainder of the Buildmark warranty is for major strucral defects only.

    I agree with Cheeil, New Homes have far too many disadvantages, it never ceases to amaze me that people still buy them.
  4. Divi

    Divi New Member

    Most who do have no other choice. There are not enough second hand homes on the market. My area has 43 homes for sale, but hundreds from three developers.
  5. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    There is always a choice.
    Why buy something badly-built, too small and overpriced just to stay in an area or get on the property ladder?
  6. Divi

    Divi New Member

    Staying in an area is dictated by employment/schools/families, its not so easy to move from an area.
  7. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    Where there's a will there's a way.
    The easy option in most things in life is doing nothing and complaining!

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