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  1. Darren Lees

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    I'm yet to see the contract for a new David Wilson Home we are looking to buy, but when I asked the solicitor if any amendments or additions can be added if I'm not happy she said no, she said the builder wouldn't allow amendments. Is this normal?
    I can see how it is normal as they are a massive builder and assume their contracts are pretty standard.
    It's just they are pushing for a 28 day exchange, and house should be ready in December. Ours will be one of the last houses built and the rest of the estate looks in good order and nicely built.
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    you dont say if you are using your own solicitor or the builders ...

    if you have exchanged already then its unlikely that the builder will want to change or can be legally made to change any of the content

    if you have put a deposit down , but not exchanged , then yes its possible in theory , but they will not want to , and likely to tell you to bugger off if you mess them around
  3. Makebetterhomes

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    its a sellers mkt you see

    they may have other people waiting for same plot

    but its worth a try , what is it your wanting to re negociate

    better stiill dont sign for anything until you are satisfied that all is OK
  4. Darren Lees

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    Thanks for your reply.

    So it's the solicitor that the builder put me in touch with, and I know ppl will say they will act in their interest and not mine, but I would have thought that's not really true as wouldn't that be unethical given I'm their client?

    There were two things that I asked to be added if they weren't already covered (given I haven't yet seen the contract).

    1 - A snagging meeting before completion
    2 - Upon any structural defects found then a clause to push back the completion date.

    I guess they can play hardball as we know there is a waiting list for the house, and not just the seller telling us but we overheard a couple in the salesroom when we were there the other weekend.

    I guess I'm just worrying a bit because of reading the horror stories some ppl have when buying new. Cracks in paintwork I can deal with, but issues with heating and major structural issues seem like a crazy thing to have to fight to get resolved.
    Perhaps I shouldn't be worrying too much as I haven't read many bad things about DWH in the last few years.
  5. First thing is ..we have so many stories of problems trying to challenge or complain about developers conveyancers

    There's a conflict of interest if you make a complaint to them

    Ask them !!!

    Also I've heard of developers pulling rug if you don't use Thiers or withdraw incentives
  6. Darren Lees

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    Yeah, I have seen some complaints about being 'forced' to use the developer's conveyancers, to be fair we were never talked into using them, I chose them because they were cheaper than the other quotes and at that time I didn't consider any downside.

    I think what I will do is wait until they send me their contract, I mean DWH have said there will be a 'new home tour' which I assume is when we do our snagging. They have allowed us to visit the site and view the new home being built, and so far they are answering my questions.

    I have told DWH I plan on employing a professional snagging company to do our snagging (, and whilst they haven't come back with a comment on that, they also haven't said no.
  7. Makebetterhomes

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    its buyer beware out there so dont take anything for granted ...make sure you check every element of your home , if you're not sure how get some advice

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