Snagging Inspections
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    Angry Water & Electricity Do Not Mix - Can someone let Bryants know!!!

    Bryants seem to believe that water and electricity go well together!!! - Amazingly it does not - I was asked to plug in water drenched electrical items - by their site manager - even being blonde and female I decided not a good idea! Dangerous as not everyone has commonsense and it could lead to a disaster

    Also apparently Bryant houses in Northampton and also in Sittingbourne have washing machines that are plumbed into boilers! - or at least this is their excuse for denying their involvement in leaks - although it does take them a while before they use this one

    Problems with Bryants contact and Greg will be able to get you legal advice for FREE

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    Snagging Inspections
    I am amazed H&S allowed this to happen.
    What is going on???
    What have the Council said or has the Developer brown enveloped them as well?

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